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Editorial review

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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 11.0
CINEMA 4D is an easy-to-use yet professional 3D Animation program. By using this program you will be able to create high-end 3D images and animations. CINEMA 4D is available in several languages including English, German, French, Spanish, and more.
The program´s interface will show you a drawing board, surrounded by tools and commands you can apply in your animation. You can begin defining a polygon, choosing then the size it will have. You can then modify the selected object in every imaginable way. You can use predefined (primitive) objects in your animations, like cubes, cones, cylinder, discs, planes, polygons, spheres, torus, figures and lots more, included with the program. CINEMA 4D has any needed tool to define landscapes, characters, clothes, objects. You can add hair to your characters, and define the movement it will have. You can even define weather effects that will affect the scene and the characters in it. The demo version won´t allow you to save your work, or export to any of the available formats.


  • It´s a complete 3D animation package, easy to use.


  • None.

What's new in version 15.0

- Enjoy faster, higher-quality rendering with CINEMA 4D R15. Enhance the photorealism in your renders with the Global Illumination methods and render stills and animations quickly with Team Render, an all-new network rendering tool which offers easy setup and a smooth workflow completely within the CINEMA 4D interface.
- Cut corners without compromise using the all-new Bevel tool in CINEMA 4D R15. Interactively bevel points, edges and polygons using tool handles directly in the view and create a clean, high-quality mesh with advanced topology options. Master your mesh with an optimized Slide tool that supports multiple edge loops.
- Gain advanced typographic control over MoText and Text Splines, interactively kerning individual characters in the 3D view. Adjust kerning, tracking, baseline shift and scale with full 3D text that's always editable and animated via MoGraph Effectors.
- Sculpt with finesse and retopologize with ease in CINEMA 4D Studio Release 15. Use powerful sculpt tools directly on polygonal objects, mirror sculpt strokes and project a new mesh onto your sculpted objects. CINEMA 4D’s Sculpting system continues to grow more powerful and flexible, providing an easy method of manipulating your meshes in a fast, intuitive workflow and without switching to another application.
- Workflow tweaks throughout CINEMA 4D R15 make your production pipeline more efficient. Fit deformers automatically to objects, grow grass with a single click, manage textures with ease and animate camera jib shots with all the precision of a seasoned Hollywood grip. CINEMA 4D R15 makes every click count, adding up to a fast and easy workflow where your creativity can explode.

What's new in version 14.0

Modeling, Workflow, Interface & Picture Viewer
Sculpting as a new and completely integrated modeling method with sophisticated brushes, symmetry options, hundreds of presets, masking, layers, incl. levels and object baking
Powerful Camera Calibrator (Camera Matching) tool to reconstruct camera position, rotation and focal length based on images
New, totally reworked premium Snap functionality
Realistic camera motion (filmed by hand or SteadiCam simulation) can be easily created using the Motion Camera tag
With the Camera Morph tag you can animate steplessly between various camera positions, animations and all camera parameters
New powerful Guide objects and tools with integrated snapping functionality for Architecture, construction and technical modeling
Additional Workplane modes and new remarkable Workplane functions
Enhanced OpenGL viewport now with real-time soft shadows
New To Do function
New To Do tag
Task / To Do Manager
Focal length can be adjusted interactively with one click for each camera
The new Commander tool can be used to easily to call up any command
Gradient curves in the Picture Viewer filter
Gradient curves as a post effect
Raycast Selection (polygons, points, Objects, etc.) with RMB
Orthogonal views can be rotated around the orthographic axis
Viewport Object Highlighting: If needed, selected objects or objects to be selected are now highlighted with an outline (to be selected: white;
selected: orange)
The length of the animation path (spline) displayed in the Viewport is now in relation to the length of the preview range and fades accordingly
Visibility of individual HUD element options can be switched.
Project preferences can also be saved and loaded as presets
Seamlessly switch from one camera to the next in the Viewport (animated switching)
Null object icons can be assigned custom colors
Various guidelines can be displayed in the camera settings (golden spiral, golden ratio, cross-hair, etc.)
Light source icons can assume the light’s color
Improved export of Cloner object animations
Right-click option menu for primary tools
New work mode for moving and rotating work planes directly
Right-click on axis moves elements in the direction of the camera
Display of sound wave shapes in the Timeline’s FCurve view
New Timeline marker options
Scroll wheel in the Timeline
Tracks for selected objects can be folded or unfolded in the Timeline
The Bump channel’s effect on the reflection can be disabled
New Displacement mode: RGB (XYZ Tangent)
New Brick shader parameter
Vertex Normal coordinates displayed in Structure Manager
Images can be scaled when saved using the Picture Viewer
Automatic selection of image size for optimized playback of animations in the Picture Viewer RAM, so every animation can be played in real-time
New transparency option for the sun
New MoSpline setting
New Multi-Shader parameter (for improved mosaic images)
Interactive, uniform modification of brush size and pressure for all brush tools
New brush size behavior
Displacement Baking
Enhanced MoGraph Multi Shader
Enhanced Brick shader
Enhanced Fresnel 2D preview
Specular Color + Specular channel unified
Gradient GUI: One-click even knot distribution
Enhanced Watermark
Displacement Baking
Picture Viewer enhancements (create stereoscopic images by loading two different pictures)
Highlighting of GUI elements
Bubble help enhancements
Add Point ID to pop-up dialog
Better preview quality for Specular Highlight in Material Editor
Rain Sampler shader: Texture map for rain intensity
Color light icon
Picture Viewer: Auto-sync AB
Create stereo images from AB-Compare
Picture Viewer: Save All loop
Watermark: Add placeholder for HDR threshold
Watermark: Placeholders for camera settings
Watermark: Create some sub-menus in placeholder pop-up menu Watermark: CINEMA 4D version placeholder
Gray out / disable focus dynamics when Focus Control is deactivated
Add additional morph tracks to Camera Morph tag, Multi-Shader improvement: Blend used shader with clone color
Sketch & Toon OMP support for CreateLines
Command for switching layout from right to left (Arabic language)
Arabic localization and interface

Publisher's description

CINEMA 4D Studio is a powerful program that enables you to create advanced 3D graphics. The program makes it easy to create character rigs and advanced character animations. You can also generate advanced 3D effects and make thousands of objects collide with each other.

Latest comments

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  • 1
    Guest Last year

    You can't, you can only convert after applying effects, it will not work with other software.

  • 0
    Guest 2 years ago

    How can I convert a 2D plan from AutoCad to Cinema 4d?

    • 0
      Guest 6 months ago

      You probably cannot: AutoCad is Autodesk whereas Cinema 4D is Maxon.

    • 0
      Guest 5 months ago

      Use Spine. I never used it but I have seen videos of Spine with 2D animations.

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